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Join us for a private guided game drive and sun-downers on the banks of the majestic Olifants River, or a guided walking safari to experience the bush in all its glory.

Come with us and visit the famous Kruger National Park, less than  30 km away, or the Panorama Route with the magnificent Blyde River Canyon, its fantastic landscapes, waterfalls, forests and boat cruises.

We have our own private safari vehicles for game drives, day or multiple day trips in the Kruger NP and surrounding areas. We offer private transfers from/to Phalaborwa and Hoedspruit airports to/from our lodge and - Shuttle transfer from/to Johannesburg airports. 

Please click on the "Enquire" button for general enquiries, tailor-made safari trips or activities bookings, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Experience our hospitality and professionalism,

we are here to provide You with a Unique African Experience!

Game drives

Game drives are conducted by professional  FGASA Certified Guides within 6000 hectares Big 5 Grietjie and Doreen Private Game Reserve open to the KNP, on our open game viewer vehicle. Through the expertise of your guide, you will be taken  in the bush to discover animals , to learn more about their behaviors and the environment where they live.  You will have the chance to observe from close the iconic African wildlife and for once you will not be  watching a Nat Geo documentary but you will be part of it! 

Early Morning Game Drive from 5.30 to 9.00 am ( about 3 hrs )

Stop for Coffee/Tea break ,cookies.

Afternoon Game Drive from 4.00 to 7.00 pm ( about 3 hrs )

Stop for Sundowner with drinks and snacks.

Please note that our activity timings may vary based on weather and season to ensure your safety and enjoyment.


walking safaris.jpg
Walking safari

The walking safari is a 3 hrs guided walk in the bush, where your Guide will lead you to closer encounters with animals but most of all he will show you how to understand animal behavior and movements through their spurs and tracks, including the small ones that usually you cannot see from the vehicle. It is an absolutely amazing and very rewarding experience.  Highly recommended! 

Conducted by a highly skilled and certified armed FGASA  Trail Guide within Big 5 Grietjie Private Game Reserve, Balule. It is available either early morning or in the afternoon. 

Children between 6 and 17 are admitted only according to specific safety criteria and  if accompanied by at least one parent.  

Children below 6 years old usually are not allowed for safety reasons.

Please note that our activity timings may vary based on weather and season to ensure your safety and enjoyment

kambaku river cruise.jpg
Boat cruise safari

After breakfast at the lodge, your guide will take you on game drive to the boat pier with our open game viewer through three neighboring  Big 5 Private Game Reserves, along the Oliphants Rivers' bank. Once there you can have lunch or refreshments at the local restaurant. Onboard the double-deck “ Kambako “  boat, you will be cruising upstream the Oliphants river at a very slow pace, together with your guide. You will have the opportunity to observe some aquatic animals from close, like hippos, crocodiles, water birds, as long as animals like buffalos, elephants, giraffes,  water antelopes, and occasionally leopards and lions.  In the late afternoon, you will experience an amazing sunset from the upper deck while sipping your favorite drink. The cruise will last 3 hrs after which your guide will take you back to our lodge on a fascinating night game drive.

Full Day Activity - ( price, time schedule and availability to be confirmed upon booking )

2 guided game drives from and back to Ngalali Retreat through 6000 hectares Big 5 PR +

1 guided boat cruise +  snacks & drinks included, Lunch excluded.

Please note that our activity timings may vary based on weather and season to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Kruger National Park
 Full day trip

This full day guided trip  inside the magnificent Kruger National Park will be conducted  in our private Toyota Land Cruiser safari vehicle with semi open windows , aircon, fridge, only 6 seats, each one with view. This is one of the most interesting and rewarding safari tour: spending around 12 hrs inside the Park will give you higher chances  of animal sightings. While your guide will drive and find the animals for you, you'll be sitting comfortably in our safari truck  observing animals and taking memorable photos.  The trip will be conducted by us, professional FGASA certified guides.  We will stop for breakfast and lunch and  whenever you need to stretch your legs. Highly recommended!

Full Day Activity - Starting early morning around 5.30 am until 18.00 pm.

Two meals, water, drinks, coffee and snacks included.

Please note that our activity timings may vary based on weather and season to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

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