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The Lion King

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

After the first rains the dry bush turned into a green paradise. If before it was quite easier to spot the animals in between the naked bushes, now with leaves and tall grass it is going to become more challenging! Nevertheless as experienced guides, we are listening and looking carefully to any sign that might help us in spotting wildlife. And here he is, the king of jungle, the lion king , peacefully resting in between the greenery, looking at us but not really getting bothered. Such a majestic animal! But in order to appreciate his power you really need to hear him roaring! And that's what was happening last night, he was roaring to inform the nearby lions that this was his own territory , no trespassing. So his powerful roars and the echoes of more distant lions answering back to him, were permeating the stillness and the darkness of the night. I guess that it is something far more impressing and exciting than just the sight of him. When you are laying in your bed in the dark and listening to this vibrating roaring sound just few meters away from you, is such an amazing experience, but at the same time it is triggering your primordial and ancestral fears of predators, and then you realize that he is really the King of all animals! But luckily you are safe in bed and not in the bush, so you go back to sleep not really fearing the King but respecting him, and thinking how lucky you are to witness this. His roars from now on will be like a gentle lullaby for me to fall asleep!

Cheers guys from the African bush.

Lorenza Rossi

Ngalali Retreat

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